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General Information
Ruut Ben Yosef, David Minsky
Jerusalem, Israel

Sarigim King's Kids

Based on the verse in John 15:5 – we as ‘Sarigim’ (Hebrew for ‘branches’) have a strong desire to be carriers of God’s blessing and immense goods to our surroundings. We believe God has called us to be imitators of Him through Jesus’ example of a life focused on making Him known among everyone in Israel and outside of it. We want to grow in our faith, and become more aware of the needs in our midst. We believe that the way for us to serve is to connect with others to meet those needs, helping God’s kingdom ‘branch out’.

As a Jewish group based in Jerusalem, we feel compelled to follow Jesus’ example of love, and extend ours to Arab-Jewish relations. ‘Unity in spite of diversity’ is an ideal we believe to be based in Scripture, and it shows in the diverse group we have. We want to be able to encompass different congregations and forms of worship.

We want to be able to connect with the young, inspired generation of believers in Israel who want to have an effect on society.

Our activities include:

  • Social help
  • Justice
  • Children and youth formation
  • Outreaches
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