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Evan Levine
Jerusalem, Israel

HaTikvah Project

HaTikva Project (The Hope Project) is a ministry of Promise Keepers. It exists to serve the needs of the poor, oppressed and needy Jewish believers in Israel. Through HaTikva Project, Christians everywhere have an opportunity to not only minister to the needs of the local believers in Israel, but to also strategically fund the growing body of Messiah in Israel – propelling forth the sharing of the Gospel to the Jewish people and helping to finance works of justice.

By networking with the many believing congregations in Israel, HaTikva Project has become one of the first places that the local leadership turns to when the needs overwhelm their capability. Simply put, the local Israeli congregation does not have the financial ability to meet the many needs of their members. HaTikva Project works with the local leadership to identify the most critical needs and to target our donations accordingly.

HaTikva Project gives financial donations to individuals, congregations and like-minded organizations. On a daily basis we meet a wide range of needs among the body of Messiah in Israel – from the bare necessities of food, clothing and shelter – to giving people the tools they need to take a step forward in their lives or businesses. We also underwrite congregational outreaches, food and clothing distribution centers and local benevolence funds. In this way we provide the financial wherewithal for the local Body to reach out to all of Israel.

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