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Directory of Messianic Organizations in Israel

Kehila News Directory is a searchable list of congregations, ministries, and businesses related to the Messianic Community in Israel

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Be'ad Chaim

Be’ad Chaim (Pro Life) is a registered Israeli non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of mothers and unborn children. Registered in 1988, we are a national organization with offices and Hotlines throughout Israel. All women are eligible for our assistance, regardless…

Behold Israel

About Behold Israel Behold Israel is a non-profit organization led by native Israeli Amir Tsarfati. Our mission is to provide reliable and accurate reporting on developments in Israel and the region. Amir’s live updates and teachings, based on…

Beit HaYeshua

The Lord God of Israel is bringing the Jewish people back home as He promised in Ezekiel 3624-27, where the Lord also promises to take out from us the heart of stone and give us a heart of flesh. God…

Beit Nitzachon (House of Victory)

Beit Nitzachon (House of Victory), located in the city of Haifa on Mount Carmel, is Israel's first Bible-based rehabilitation center. Founded by David and Karen Davis in 1991 after the first Gulf War, the vision for this ministry is the…

Bible Society in Israel

The Bible Society in Israel continues the ancient heritage of preserving the eternal Word of God by publishing and distributing the Bible including the New Testament, as well as outreach and study materials in Hebrew and other languages. …

Bridges for Peace

Christians supporting Israel and building relationships between Christians and Jews in Israel and around the world. It is our desire to see Christians and Jews working side by side for better understanding and a more secure Israel. …

Carmel Streams

The vision of “CARMEL STREAMS” is the bridging between the nations and the Land of Israel. One of our goals is to bring the light of God’s word from Israel to the nations. The primary method of accomplishing this purpose…

Caspari Center

Caspari Center is a network of people: Jews and Gentiles throughout the world working together to raise awareness of Jewish believers in Jesus and support the growth of Israel's congregations. Our passion is to support emerging leaders who will…

Chosen People Ministries

Chosen People Ministries exists to pray for, evangelize, disciple, and serve Jewish people everywhere and to help fellow believers do the same. Chosen People Ministries serves in sixteen countries across the globe including Israel. Our outreach programs include…

Christian Empowerment Council

The CEC and the Israeli Christian Recruitment Forum have for the past several years been leading a camp to more fully integrate local Christians into the Jewish State of Israel. The first and most important step has been encouraging young…

Christian Friends of Israel-Jerusalem (CFI)

Christian Friends of Israel-Jerusalem (CFI) is an international evangelical Christian ministry legally registered in Israel with headquarters in Jerusalem where we operate multiple outreaches and administrate the ministry. We also have representative offices throughout the world. CFI represents Christians worldwide…

Community of Reconciliation

The community of reconciliation is an international Christian community. Our goal is to love and be a witness of the atonement of Christ by words and deeds. We are committed to promoting peace and reconciliation between different ethnic groups. This is done…

Dugit Messianic Outreach Centre

Dugit is an evangelistic outreach centre located in the heart of Tel Aviv. The word ‘Dugit’ means little fishing boat, like the ones used by the disciples on the Sea of Galilee. Today, we are ‘fishers of…

Ebenezer Home

The Ebenezer Home is a Senior Citizen's Home for believers in Yeshua, Jesus Christ, situated in Haifa, Israel. We have both Jewish and Gentile residents from different backgrounds and who speak different languages: Hebrew, Arabic, English, German, Romanian, Hungarian,…

E.L.Y Israel - Families department

OUR VISION - Helping to create a glorious body of Messiah in Israel. OUR MISSION - Counseling to develop a mentally and financially independent person, in order to grow healthy families and strong congregations. THE WAY…
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