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Directory of Messianic Organizations in Israel

Kehila News Directory is a searchable list of congregations, ministries, and businesses related to the Messianic Community in Israel

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Baht Rivkah Whitten

Baht Rivkah is an Israeli-born musician. She lives and serves in full-time ministry with her husband and children in the Negev, southern Israel. Baht Rivkah writes about her calling to music: "I love music, I always have. I…

Barry and Batya Segal

Messianic praise & worship duo Barry & Batya Segal proclaim the word of God in their music. They are one of Israel's leading Messianic recording artists, two Jewish believers who reside on the outskirts of Jerusalem. Barry plays guitar for the duo, representing a…

Birgitta Veksler

Birgitta Johanna Veksler was born in Sweden and raised in Estonia. Being Jewish, she moved to Israel with her family at the age of twelve, right during the second 'Intifada'. By the age of seventeen, she participated in the Israeli TV show…

Bless Israel Network

Bless Israel Network is a media organization based in Israel. Our initial project is a weekly TV program oriented toward believers among the nations. Part of the purpose is to inform viewers about how the Jewish believers are building the Kingdom within Israel…

Carolyn Hyde

Carolyn Hyde led worship at Beth Simcha Congregation in San Antonio, TX for ten years, and has served as Worship Chair for the UMJC, Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations. In Israel, Carolyn served as worship leader at K’tsir Asher, The…

Eli and Rachel Haitov

You can listen for free to this brother-sister duo's first album "Bou Elav" (in Hebrew). This album was produced under the new label Ashira. Ashira is a project aimed at producing indigenous Israeli praise and worship…

Future Vision Studios

Future Vision was founded in 1997 by Marc Chopinsky -  an experienced musician, composer, producer and audio engineer, after he immigrated to Israel from the USA with the goal of establishing an efficient and professional recording, mixing and mastering studio in northern Israel, that would provide…

Galilee of the Nations

While Jews and Christians everywhere commemorated the miracle of the restoration of the Jewish people to their Land, another restoration of sorts was also occurring there: the restoration of an ancient sound, one reminiscent of those that once echoed through…

Joshua Aaron

Joshua Aaron is an award winning, Messianic Jewish singer and Integrity Music songwriter. He and his wife Jeannie have four children (Emma, Josh “Shuki”, Max and Levi). They currently reside near the Sea of Galilee and continue to maintain citizenship with both…


"Kamti" is a non-profit production association or 'Amuta' which was founded in 2009 to provide a platform for high quality projects which present biblical and liturgical texts in Hebrew through music and theatre. The name "Kamti" is an acronym for…

Karen Davis

Karen Davis is the worship leader of Kehilat HaCarmel (Carmel Assembly), a Messianic congregation built in Mount Carmel, in Haifa, Israel. Davis is considered "one of the most recognizable" and representative women singers in Messianic worship music. She sings both in Hebrew and English, and many of her songs…

Keren Silver

Keren Silver is an Israeli born, Messianic singer-songwriter with a deep passion for worship. From a young age she has been composing worship songs and leading worship among the local body of believers in Israel, and in the past few…

Leonid Gelbet

Leonid studied classical music at Moscow Institute of Music, and has dedicated his life to serving God through various forms of music. He is a music teacher, composer and manages a music school "Derekh Tzlilim" at Tents of…

Marc Chopinsky

Marc Chopinsky was a well known songwriter and musician with 'Israel's Hope' (along with Paul Wilbur and Rene Bloch) during their tenure in the 1980's.  Many of Marc's songs are standard repertoire in Messianic Congregations all over the world and are…

Messianic Paper Cut Art, Ketubahs and Gifts

A selection of hand designed, paper cut art by Messianic artist Grace Alon, based on Biblical blessings in both Hebrew and English. A perfect gift for a special occasion, or to hang in your own home.  Also available: Hand calligraphed (Hebrew…
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