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Directory of Messianic Organizations in Israel

Kehila News Directory is a searchable list of congregations, ministries, and businesses related to the Messianic Community in Israel

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Israel Today Magazine

Israel Today is a Jerusalem-based news agency providing a biblical and objective perspective on local news. Founded in 1978, when it began publishing a monthly German news magazine, the English language edition of Israel Today was launched in January 1999…

Josephus - The History of the Jews Condensed in Simple English

If you're in Israel, please write me at live26isr@yahoo.com since I will send you the book from my home. This will save you lots of money and I'll even give you my author price of 100 NIS for the book…

Messianic Business Fellowship

אחוות העסקים המשיחית رابطة ألأعمال المسيحية Израильское Мессианское Бизнес-Сообщество Messianic Business Fellowship of Israel We are affiliated with Firstfruits.   Who Are We? We are…

Nof Yarok Daniel - Gardening and Development

Expert garden designer and builder Daniel of Nof Yarok will help you transform your yard and home into a beautiful get-away, building gardens of various styles, decks, pergolas, wooden homes and home extensions. Servicing homes and businesses in Mevaseret Zion,…

Wise Money Israel

Wise Money Israel (WMI) is the first Capital Investments Management firm in Israel staffed by Messianic Jewish professionals. WMI works with hundreds of individuals and organizations from around the world to invest in Israel’s leading technologies and companies through stocks…

DVD of the Musical "The Star is Born"

The DVD of the Musical "The Star is Born" can be ordered at mjai@netvision.net.il, or www.mjai.co.il.

דפי עבודה לילדים- מדליון

דפי עבודה לילדים לחג הפסח סיסמת האתר: 0123456789

כרזות בעברית על סדר הספרים בכתובים

חדש בהוצאת מדליון!!! שתי כרזות של סדר הספרים בכתובים: התנ"ך והברית החדשה. הכרזות מיועדות לתלייה בכיתה או בחדר הילדים. ניתן להשיג את הכרזות בשלושה גדלים שונים: שתי כרזות בגודל A4 (קטן)      8 ש"ח …

Adiel Fine Jewelry

I combine only quality components to make long-lasting jewelry: Sterling Silver and solid gold jewelry. I enjoy creating beautiful things and I take pleasure in creating beautiful jewelry from me to you!! Please feel free to contact me…

Amy's Designs of Israel

Amy Sheetreet is the artist behind this unique range of beautiful products including: Mosaic Design Products and Biblical Pop Up Cards

Anthony and Irene Chapman

Originally from New England, but now hailing from Southern Israel, Anthony & Irene Chapman tell real-life stories through heartfelt songwriting that reflects their multifaceted background. Their compelling and unique blend of world music defies borders and connects with diverse audiences…

Avner and Rachel Boskey

Avner and Rachel lead weekly worship and prayer meetings for local believers and for thousands of visitors from many nations.  They have written and recorded much original Messianic worship music.  They oversee a loose-knit community of worshippers, intercessors and prophetic…

Baht Rivkah Whitten

Baht Rivkah is an Israeli-born musician. She lives and serves in full-time ministry with her husband and children in the Negev, southern Israel. Baht Rivkah writes about her calling to music: "I love music, I always have. I…

Barry and Batya Segal

Messianic praise & worship duo Barry & Batya Segal proclaim the word of God in their music. They are one of Israel's leading Messianic recording artists, two Jewish believers who reside on the outskirts of Jerusalem. Barry plays guitar for the duo, representing a…

Birgitta Veksler

Birgitta Johanna Veksler was born in Sweden and raised in Estonia. Being Jewish, she moved to Israel with her family at the age of twelve, right during the second 'Intifada'. By the age of seventeen, she participated in the Israeli TV show…
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