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Isfiya, Israel
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Ascend Carmel

Ascend Carmel is a ministry of Kehilat HaCarmel (Carmel Congregation), which is a community of Messianic believers located on the top of Mount Carmel in northern Israel, near the city of Haifa. Centuries ago, on this mountain Elijah confronted Baal’s false prophets and God moved in a miraculous way, sending fire upon the altar as recounted in 1 Kings 18. Today, the vision of Kehilat HaCarmel is to restore the altar of true worship on Mount Carmel’s strategic heights and to pray for the fire of the Lord’s presence to again dwell in the Land of Israel. We invite you to engage with the legacy of Elijah on Mount Carmel .

The Ascend Carmel programs are under the pastoral oversight of David and Karen Davis.

Ascend Carmel programs are designed for worshipping musicians and singers to access the presence of the Lord, encounter God and be changed. The programs will invite you onto a journey of transformation, of listening to God's voice, exploring intercessory worship, and being released further into your personal destiny in God through intensive training, touring and practical workshops.

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